Seniors…You Can Count on Us

The “Count on Us” Program, sponsored by TXU Energy, offers seniors throughout Houston information on conserving energy during the hot summer months and staying safe in the summer heat. Community partners from Gateway to Care, Advocate Legal Senior Center, and Harris County also discuss legal, safety, and healthy living tips and community resources available to help seniors throughout the Harris County community.  

Seniors Event
Program Partners

Healthcare Outreach

CCPPI educated citizens on Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment and deadlines, made over 300,000 ACA Robo-Calls and participated in ACA enrollment fairs.


Voter Participation

CCPPI engaged and educated citizens on civic education.


Riverside Hospital


Revive Emancipation!

Development of an Affordable Housing Operations Center, a mixed-use building at Emancipation and Elgin with ground level retail, community space, and associated parking, and St. Charles Place, a 20-unit all-affordable housing development with associated parking.

  • Emancipation Center ONE   (Affordable Housing Operations Center)
  • Emancipation Center TWO  (St. Charles Place)



Affordable Housing Plan for Houston’s Third Ward

Houston’s Third Ward is a historically black neighborhood that was once a booming epicenter for African-American culture and business. However, since the 1960s the neighborhood has suffered from forces of disinvestment and neglect. Many businesses have closed and homes have been boarded up; however, in recent times, the low cost of property and proximity to Downtown has made the Third Ward more attractive to new residents. Many longtime renters and property owners have been displaced from the neighborhood while condo and townhouse development has rapidly increased. CCPPI has received funding from Midtown Redevelopment Authority to create an Affordable Housing Plan for the Third Ward to ensure that current residents are able to remain in their neighborhoods and that the community remains affordable.

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Houston’s Housing Crisis

The Houston Business Journal warns that skyrocketing rents in Houston are “creating a ‘bifurcated city’ where there is growing inequality between the haves and have nots.”

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