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Midtown Redevelopment Authority

Adjacency Project
Project Description
Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has acquired significant land in the Third Ward Area. In order to further the development of affordable housing by local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) working in the area, MRA has created the “Adjacency Project”. Pursuant to this Project, MRA will commit to reserve certain lots for a twelve month period for CDCs which own land, but are in need of adjacent lots or lots in close proximity that are owned by MRA for the proposed project and possibly other lots to be acquired.
Submittal Requirements
To be considered for the commitment of lots, a CDC must provide the following information:
1) A site plan for the proposed project that illustrates in three different colors, the CDC-owned land, MRA-owned land for which a commitment to reserve is being requested and land to be acquired.
2) A description of the project to be developed including number of units, targeted population, and income levels to be served (stated as a percent of the Area Median Income).
3) A market study supporting the development, if available.
4) Whether the CDC will self-develop the proposed project or, if applicable, indicate the development partner the CDC is working with. In which case, a letter from the development partner indicating its role and commitment to the project must be included.
5) The experience of the CDC if self-developing or the partner, if applicable in developing projects of similar size and scope.
6) Identify any and all predevelopment activities that have been completed in furtherance of the project.
7) Provide a timeline of the major objectives and milestones to be accomplished in the next twelve (12) months and the project timeline to obtain financing for the project.
Submittal Review Process
The Adjacency Project is open ended. Request for consideration should be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by U.S. mail to Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement (CCPPI) at 5445 Almeda, Suite 504, Houston, TX 77004, Attention: Algenita Davis. CCPPI shall review submittals and make recommendations to MRA regarding the request within 30 days of receiving same.
Letters of Commitment
When deemed appropriate, based on the information submitted, MRA will issue a letter of commitment to reserve lost for a period of twelve (12) months. During the 12-month period, the CDC must submit quarterly reports indicating progress made in achieving the objectives and milestones, as well as advising of any circumstances that have arisen that will impact development of the proposed project. If substantial progress has been made at the end of the 12-month period, the commitment may be extended by MRA if it appears that the project has a reasonable certainly of coming to fruition.
(as of April 2017)
The Supplemental List below shows properties no longer available.
Use this HCAD Parcel Viewer) to identify exact locations.
221630000006       Leeland Park Addition 2610 Milby Street Houston       TX 77004
221630000001 Leeland Park Addition 0 Dennis Street Houston TX 77004
221630000009 Houston City Street Railway, Section 4       0 Dennis Street (3614 Dennis)       Houston TX 77004
171590000008 Houston City Street Railway, Section 4 0 Dennis Street Houston TX 77004
221640000004 Leeland Park Addition 0 Dennis Street Houston TX 77004
372230000006 Wilson WM Addition 3305 McGowen Houston TX 77004
372230000008 Wilson WM Addition 3315 MCGowen Houston TX 77004
372590000014 Wilson WM Addition 3335 McGowen Houston TX 77004
372590000015 Wilson WM Addition 3337 McGowen Houston TX 77004
372580000004 Wilson WM Addition 3418 McGowen Houston TX 77004
372570000016 Wilson WM A 2614 Sampson Houston Tx 77004
372570000013 Wilson WM A 3333 Dennis Houston Tx 77004
372590000016 Wilson WM A 3341 McGowen Houston Tx 77004
372600000009 Wilson WM A 3401 McGowen Houston Tx 77004
37260000010 Wilson Wm A 3403 McGowen Houston Tx 77004
 (in progress) MacGregor Palms Section 2 6311 Beekman Houston TX 77021
 (in progress) MacGregor Palms Section 1 5319 Keystone Houston TX 77021
 (in progress) MacGregor Palms Section 1 5218 Kingsbury Houston TX 77021
 (in progress) MacGregor Palms Section 2 5207 Perry Houston Tx 77021
 (in progress) MacGregor Palms Section 2 5211  Perry Houston Tx 77021
771010040002 MacGregor Palms Section 1 5306 Browncroft St Houston Tx 77021
771020130002 MacGregor Palms Section 2 5206 Cosby St. Houston Tx 77021
771020120036 MacGregor Palms Section 2 5207 Cosby St. Houston Tx 77021
771010030019 MacGregor Palms Section 1 5223 Kingsbury St. Houston Tx 77021
771010080009 MacGregor Palms Section 1 5334 Keystone St. Houston Tx 77021

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