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Affordable Housing

Promoting affordable housing and community development 

Affordable housing is fundamental to ensuring the development of healthy, vibrant, sustainable and engaged communities.  Taking a proactive approach to addressing community development, CCPPI works to address the affordable housing needs of Houston’s historic Third Ward and adjacent areas.  To date CCPPI has assisted with various projects, including senior housing sponsored by ReWard Third Ward.  In partnership with the Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA), CCPPI is implementing a uniquely planned transition from what was an infill housing program to an initiative focused on community-building through the production of affordable housing in Southeast Houston.  The Affordable Housing Plan is linked to the Complete Communities Initiative of the Mayor of the City of Houston and is found in the Third Ward Complete Communities Action Plan that was approved by Council Vote.  Major projects underway include the Revive Emancipation! Initiative, including development of a first-of-its-kind Affordable Housing Center, and the 100 Homes Project.  Advocacy for local, regional and statewide legislation that provides greater access to affordable housing and related improvements in community conditions remain a primary focus of the work.


Providing resources to inform citizens and promote neighborhood school success  

Locally, CCPPI strives to support improvement efforts of Houston ISD neighborhood schools.  We engage with community members, board members, the superintendent, central and campus level leaders, local philanthropist, and Texas Education Agency leaders in order to support fair and equitable treatment of schools.  In fact, CCPPI remains committed to helping neighborhood schools be the schools of choice in the eyes of community residents.  We directly advocate for legislation related to school finance reform, full day Pre-K, and enhanced school safety among other issues that empower communities.  As a part of our advocacy and research initiative, CCPPI provided grants that provided opportunities for students from Texas Southern University Jordan-Leland School of Public Affairs and the University of Houston Hobby School and Graduate College of Social Work to serve as legislative interns.



Supporting access to quality healthcare and initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of citizens

Health and Healthcare remain vital issues for traditionally underserved communities.  Issues of interest vary from understanding and acting on social determinants of health, to issues impacting the affordability of healthcare and insurance accessibility, as well as mental health and primary care services in urban communities.  We strive to support the deployment of the Riverside Hospital plan as a follow up to early involvement through our founders in working with city and county officials to craft a rejuvenated opportunity to provide integrated primary care and other healthcare services through this promising model.  Additionally, we advocate for change in policy at the state level through active involvement with partners like the Children’s Defense Fund-Texas and the Center for Public Policy Priorities.  In addition to supporting various policy efforts that positively impact access to healthcare, insurance and mental health supports during the 86th Texas Legislative Session, CCPPI cosponsored the Children’s Health Coverage Coalition (CHCC) legislative briefing and “signed on” to the CHCC legislative priorities.


Safety and Criminal Justice

Advocating for safe communities, criminal justice reform and human justice 

Our focus on safety includes taking a stand on issues of community safety and criminal justice reform.  Staff involvement in local community meetings, such as City of Houston Complete Communities Super Neighborhood meetings, Third Ward Community Cloth meetings and other ongoing efforts with various community organizations and civic leaders provide opportunities for CCPPI to further understand, add voice to, and/or support community needs.  At regional and statewide levels, CCPPI advocates for bail reform, criminal justice reform and other legislation that serves to improve community safety and criminal justice.  Some community interactions included promotion of the showing of two HBO documentaries (Traffic Stop and Sandra Bland) followed by panel discussions, and attendance at the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Quarterly Meetings.  During the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition webinar that unveiled a powerful tool that can be used for criminal justice advocacy, CCPPI staff made comments on the Harris County Data/TCJC dashboard and other potential data it could provide.  Due to its current capacity to pull potentially impactful data points (i.e., race & charges, community policing practices, bail trends, sentencing, etc.) we recommend use of the Harris County Dashboard found t tcjcdashboard.org for advocacy purposes.


5445 Almeda Rd, Ste 504, Houston, TX 77004

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