One Emancipation Center Building and Garage
St. Charles Place Apartments
100 Homes Initiative
One Emancipation Center Groundbreaking
One Emancipation Center Groundbreaking
Palmetto Place Groundbreaking
Mayberry Construction
Agape Construction
Cole Klein Construction

Total Single Family Units
Under Construction


Total Single Family for Sale Units


Total Multi-Family Rental Units


CCPPI is dedicated to advancing policies that promote human, civic, social and economic justice and to taking the necessary action to affect progress in all areas of civic improvement throughout the culturally diverse communities in the Southern United States. We achieve this mission through sustained advocacy for the betterment of American lives, and we believe that those who most stand to benefit from positive change in civic life must become engaged in the process. 

In a partnership designed to serve families, grow neighborhoods and address Houston’s housing needs, CCPPI and Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) are supporting the production of affordable housing in Southeast Houston. 

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Action By The People, For The People!


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Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement
3131 Emancipation Ave., Ste 250, Houston, TX 77004
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